Muse Posters

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Indie, rock or prog? Muse have absorbed all of these influences and thrown in some glam, just to mix things up even more. Hailing from Devon, the band was formed in 1994 and released their first album, Showbiz, five years later.
While critics often dismiss them for making ‘misery music’, fans know that Muse’s singular blend of melancholic lyrics and space-rock riffs is why they’re one of the few bands to make it out of the 90s.
Muse began as a guitar band but haven’t been afraid to dip their toes into other musical waters. Origin of Symmetry saw them incorporating classical music into their sound, while Black Holes and Revelations included elements of pop and electronica, while still maintaining the familiar Muse style.
Live, Muse are equally eclectic. 2015’s Drones tour was almost operatic in its staging and gave the band free rein to indulge in some spectacular theatrics.