Neck Deep Posters

Founded in Wrexham in 2012, Neck Deep came out blasting catchy pop hooks,thrashing guitars, and a defiantly upbeat attitude. After releasing a couple of EPs, the band signed with Hopeless Records, to release their first album, Wishful Thinking.
While the music-press has pigeonholed Neck Deep as ‘pop-punk’, their musical influences are much broader. Tables Turned, taken from their EP A History Of BadDecisions, reveals threads of Crucial Dudes, while Up In Smoke has more than a whiff of later Blink-182.
Listen to their third album, Wishful Thinking, and you’ll hear further influences. The ghosts of The Offspring are summoned on the starker sound of Zoltar Speaks, and Sweet Nothings is infused with the flavour of Four Year Strong.
After introducing UK pop-punk to the US music scene, Neck Deep look set to takethe rest of the world by poppy, angsty, optimistic storm.