New Found Glory Posters

Hailing from Southern Florida, New Found Glory was formed in 1997, at a time when girl-bands and bubble-gum-pop dominated music. Fusing punk and rap with pop melodies and a hefty dose of ska, the band is cited, along with likes of Blink-182, as being a pioneer for the second wave of the pop-punk movement of the early Noughties.
While their first album with a major label, New Found Glory, made its way gently up the charts, it was their second, Sticks and Stones, which proved to be their breakthrough. Songs such as My Friends Over You, Sonny and Head On Collision are anthemic, zippy and sport some brilliantly-Buzzsaw guitarwork.
Later albums, such as Coming Home and Not Without a Fight, saw the band shedding their ‘college-kid’ sound, in favour of a darker, more mature style. However, they returned to their pop-punk roots, in 2012, with the release of Radiosurgery.