Of Mice & Men Posters

Formed in 2009, Of Mice & Men continue to crank out the fusion of hardcore punk and unbelievably-heavy metal that brought them to the public attention in the first place. Founder member, Jaxin Hall, took over the vocal duties in 2016, after lead singer Austin Carlile left the band, citing health problems.
Their first, self-titled album has set the band’s direction, which appears to be to start out heavy and see how much heavier you can get. Of Mice & Men cemented their position as a hardcore band, with songs such as Seven Thousand Miles For What and YDG crammed with searing guitars and Carlile’s shredded vocals.
Fast-forward to 2019 and the release of EARTHANDSKY sees the band mining agrittier vein. However, while the familiar cliff-face of guitars is still there, there’s some more melodic soloing going on, reminiscent of bands such as Slayer and Metallica.