Pantera Posters

For many metalheads, the names Phil Anselmo, Rex Brown, Vinnie Paul, the Abbott brothers and Dimebag Darrell need no introduction. For anyone just starting out in the world of thrash metal, these are the iconic names behind Pantera.
Formed in 1981, Pantera was better known as a glam-rock outfit. Their first album, Metal Magic, shows a band that has all the swagger but which hasn’t quite managed to cement its sound yet. The subsequent Projects in the Jungle and I Am the Night are similarly glam, but the sound of metal isn’t too far off.
Pantera’s turnaround album came in 1990, with Cowboys from Hell. Back to basics and ditching the glam to plough a swampy, Southern rock furrow, this is where the band settles into its own skin. Songs such as Sleep, and The Domination are metal classics and refuse to rust or show any signs of tarnish.