PJ Harvey Posters

Carefully treading the fine line between cult status and global superstar, PJ Harvey remains an enigmatic figure in music. After crashing onto the airwaves as part of the mid-90s alt-rock movement, she quickly found herself appointed as the spokeswoman for a generation.
Before going it alone, Harvey played with Automatic Dlamini, which saw her mainly as a backing vocalist but also gave her the chance to learn guitar. As a solo artist, her first single, Dress, was released to critical acclaim. This was followed up by the album, Dry.
However, it was To Bring You My Love that cemented Harvey’s position as the High Priestess of Alt-Rock. With guitarwork that explores the darker sides of blues and rock, and visceral lyrics that explore the themes of sex, love and death, songs such as Harder, Down by the Water and Long Snake Moan proved her prowess as a force of nature.