Radiohead Posters

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Radiohead is one of the greatest and strangest bands to ever grace modern music, and their records will forever remain as some of the most influential ever released.

The band had been working together since 1985, but it wasn’t until the release of Pablo Honey, in 1993, that Thom Yorke, Johnny and Colin Greenwood, Ed O’ Brien and Phillip Selway reached the masses.

Although they began as an alternative rock band, by the time they reached the OK Computer era (which still is considered by many to be their seminal work, with singles like Karma Police and Paranoid Android), their sound had completely shifted, and had become much more experimental, dense and unique. With their two subsequent albums, Kid A and Amnesiac pushed their sound even further with the heavy use of synthesizers, outlandish sonic soundscapes and incredible musical arrangements, and truly cemented their name as one of most respected bands in history and changed the sound of modern music forever.

They keep going strong, releasing one unique masterpiece after another, like the underrated Hail to the Thief and the stunning In Rainbows, with no signs of stopping. We hope they never do.

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