Rob Zombie Posters

Influenced by metal heavyweights, such as Kiss and Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie carved himself a gruesome career from grindhouse movies and horrorcore. His first band, White Zombie chalked up four studio albums, but it was his first solo outing that was to bring him mainstream success.
Hands of Death (Burn Baby Burn) was written in collaboration with Zombie’s hero, Alice Cooper, who also performed on the song. This led to a Grammy nomination for Best Metal Performance and paved the way for the release of his debut album, Hellbilly Deluxe.
Hellbilly Deluxe outsold all of White Zombie’s offerings and established Zombie as more than a shock-novelty act. Songs such as Dragula and Living Dead Girl showcased his love of horror movie music, fusing heavy metal and electronica with dark, poetic lyrics.
Zombie is also an accomplished filmmaker and creator of comics, most notably, The Adventures of Superbeasto