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Since Royal Blood formed in 2013, it’s been a rollercoaster ride for founders Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher. After a series of open-mic gigs in Worthing, the duo set about evolving their sound in Brighton Electric Studios, which resulted in them being signed by Warner/Chappell Music. With support from label-mates Arctic Monkeys, Royal Blood released their first single later that year.

Royal Blood Live Performance Posters

Wielding distortion and solid-rock riffs, Royal Blood’s sound belies the fact there are only two of them. However, they don’t rely on technical wizardry or overlays to create their singles and albums; if they can’t play it live, then they won’t record it.

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Rock Legends in the Making

Royal Blood set off on a fantastic footing. Songs such as Come On Over, Figure It Out and Little Monster sound like a hybrid of Led Zeppelin and Queens of the Stone Age. Hailed as the new saviours of rock, Royal Blood are destined for greatness.

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