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Since Royal Blood formed in 2013, it’s been a rollercoaster ride for founders MikeKerr and Ben Thatcher. After a series of open-mic gigs in Worthing, the duo setabout evolving their sound in Brighton Electric Studios, which resulted in them being signed by Warner/Chappell Music. With support from label-mates Arctic Monkeys, Royal Blood released their first single later that year.

Wielding distortion and solid-rock riffs, Royal Blood’s sound belies the fact there’sonly two of them. However, there’s no technical wizardry or overlays to create their singles and albums; if they can’t play it live, then they won’t record it.

Royal Blood set them off on fantastic footing. Songs such as Come On Over, Figure It Out and Little Monster sound like a hybrid of Led Zeppelin and Queens of the Stone Age. Hailed as the new saviours of rock, Royal Blood walk it like they talk it.