Sinead O'Connor Posters

When she came crashing onto the UK music scene in 1987, Sinead O’ Connor raised more than a few eyebrows. With her shaven head, angry energy and howling vocals, she didn’t fit into the clean, overproduced world of pop music that dominated at the time.
The Lion and the Cobra was her first outing as a solo artist and sported the surprise-hit, Mandinka. Set against the backdrop of New Wave and hip-hop, O’ Connor’s punk attitude divided music fans across the country.
However, Nothing Compares 2 U, written by Prince, was a runaway success and revealed a more vulnerable side to the singer. Arguably her most famous song, it was released in 1990, to universal acclaim.
Although she has suffered with mental health issues in recent years, O’ Connor continues to record and perform with her trademark fire.