Slaves Posters

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Raised in Tunbridge Wells, Isaac Holman and Laurie Vincent met as members of the band, Bareface. The two quickly discovered a mutual interest in punk, blues and garage and left the band, to form Slaves.
Convinced that they would never play live or achieve a record deal, they focussed on creating music that they enjoyed. However, after releasing their EP, Sugar Coated Bitter Truth, and a single, Where’s Your Car Debbie? Slaves were signed by Virgin EMI.
Their debut album Are You Satisfied? was released in 2015, to critical acclaim. Their fusion of searing punk, dirty riffs and bluesy melodies acted as the perfect backdrop to their political and motivational lyrics.
Slaves encountered some controversy over their choice of name and found themselves accused of racism. However, the duo tackled the criticism, head-on, saying that the name “relates to people not being in control of their day to day lives”.