Sleaford Mods Posters

Championed by Iggy Pop as “the greatest rock ‘n roll band in the world”, Sleaford Mods began life in 2007, when Jason Williamson and Simon Parfrement. However, after four albums, Parfrement handed the musical reins to Andrew Fearn, who was a DJ on the Nottingham nightclub scene.
The Mods’ lyrics are unashamedly uncompromising. Peppered with profanity, they look at the seedier side of life in the UK. Themes such as unemployment, drugs, capitalism and the frustration of living in austerity-era Britain are served up with unflinching honesty.
Musically, the band are inspired by 60s Mod music and modern artists, such as the Wu-Tang Clan. The result is abrasive and chaotic, yet with enough melody to give everyone something to get their teeth into.
As impactive on the UK as The Velvet Underground was on the American music scene, Sleaford Mods have plenty of fuel left in the tank.