The Chemical Brothers Posters

Manchester Polytechnic was the unlikely backdrop for the foundation of The Chemical Brothers. Tom Rowlands and Edward Simons met on the history course and discovered a mutual appreciation of disco, hip-hop, acid-house and techno. This led to them DJing at local clubs and house parties, under the name, The Dust Brothers.
A set at the Naked Under Leather nightclub brought the duo to the attention of Junior Boy’s Own Records and their first single, Song To The Siren, was released in the early 90s.
After remixing for other artists, including Republica, Leftfield and John Lydon, the newly-named Chemical Brothers released their breakthrough album, 14th Century Sky. With standout tracks, Chemical Beats and My Mercury Mouth, the Chemical Brothers became a staple of raves, clubs and house-parties throughout the 90s.
Always breaking new ground, The Chemical Brothers released their ninth studio album, No Geography, in 2018.