Courteeners Posters

Anthemic, alt-rock, and unashamedly Mancunian, Courteneers are still giving a mainstream music scene a run for its money, even 14 years since their formation.
Of all the members, it’s Liam Fray who takes centre-stage, writing the songs, singing them, fronting interviews, and being the only face on any of their albums. However, Fray is ably supported by Michael Campbell, Conan Moore, and Mark Cuppello, and their combined talents elevate the band’s sound from lad-rock to something more meaningful.
Their first album, St Jude, complete with soaring riffs and syncopated drumbeats, drew comparisons with the Arctic Monkeys and Oasis. However, by 2010’s seminal Falcon album, the band had found their sound. Songs such as Take Over the World and Will It Be This Way Forever see the Courteeners embracing less-obvious influences, including Bowie and Terence Trent D’Arby.
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