The Cure Posters and Prints

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Sandwiched somewhere between the ‘70s-sneer of the Sex Pistols and the electronic echoes of the ‘80s, The Cure brought their own blend of goth-pop to the music scene.

Fronted by the ghostly Robert Smith, The Cure seamlessly blended lovelorn lyrics with an emo sound that would go on to influence the likes of The Smashing Pumpkins, Bright Eyes, and My Chemical Romance.

Released in 1989, Disintegration is widely hailed as their best album. A quirky fusion of psychedelia, emo, and pop, it’s riddled with classics such as Fascination Street, Lovesong and Pictures of You. However, if you want to hear them at their most gothic, Pornography is the album to listen to. The darkness implicit in the music not-so-cheerfully reflects the divisions that were taking place in the band, alongside the personal demons that were haunting the lead singer.

While many will only know The Cure from Friday I’m In Love, those in the know have an extensive back catalogue to immerse themselves in.

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