The Damned Prints

While the Sex Pistols and The Clash might’ve soaked up most of the spotlight during the punk explosion, The Damned weren’t content to remain in the shadows. During their on-off tenure, they managed to chalk up a few firsts including being the first British punk band to release a UK single, the first to release an album, and the first to tour America.

Their first album, Damned, Damned, Damned quickly found its place in punk, but the follow-up, Music for Pleasure, didn’t reach the same heights and lead to the first of many break-ups. After reforming without guitarist, Brian James, The Damned veered towards goth-rock, releasing some of their most well-loved singles, including Eloise, Nasty and The Shadow of Love.

However, the 1980s also saw the band continue to split up and reform frequently, with a seemingly ever-changing line-up. Perhaps the most unexpected change came when guitarist and bass-player, Captain Sensible, went his solo in 1982 and achieved a Number One hit with Happy Talk.

The ‘90s saw The Damned got through another series of splits and reformations, with Captain Sensible coming back to the fold, along with Rat Scabies and Monty Oxymoron. Andy Pinching finally hung up his drumsticks in 2019.

Punks to their core, you’ll find some superb prints of The Damned in our extensive collection, perfect for fans of this chaotic outfit.