The Distillers Posters

With influences such as The Ramones and Green Day firmly embedded in their musical DNA, The Distillers came crashing onto the USA music scene in 1998. Founded by Brody Dalle and Kim Chi, they quickly recruited Rose Mazzola and Matt Young into their ranks before releasing their first album, Epitaph. However, in true punk style, The Distillers’ journey was never going to be an easy one.

After Epitaph, Kim Chi left the band, replaced by Ryan Sinn. Young and Mazzola were next to leave, and their shoes were filled by Andy Granelli and Tony Bradley. Of all the line-ups, this seemed to be the most productive, giving rise to their critically-acclaimed third album, Coral Fang.

Our collection of The Distillers prints shows the band at the height of their powers, many of which were taken at their legendary Melbourne tour in 2004. Check them out to find your favourite.