The Doors Prints

The Doors’ star might have burned all-too-briefly, but it also burned brighter than most. From their formation in 1965 to the death of The Lizard King, Jim Morrison, the band made an indelible mark on music history.

While many cite Morrison as the band’s secret weapon, their own-brand fusion of jazz, blues and world music made them a strong musical force in the counterculture scene of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s.

Released in 1966, their eponymous first album glitters with gems such as the haunting Light My Fire, the grand scale of The End and the incendiary Break on Through. Although not quite so well-received, the follow-up, Strange Days, also has some aces up its sleeve, most notably the unique People are Strange.

However, Morrison’s personal demons were starting to take the spotlight from the band’s musical achievements. After achieving the dubious honour of being the first rock-star to be arrested on stage at the New Haven Arena, The Doors regrouped to record their third album, Waiting for the Sun. Although tensions in the band were high, they still managed to commit some classics to vinyl such as Spanish Caravan. Five to One set the bluesy template the band would follow until Morrison’s untimely death.

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