The Jam Posters

Kitted out in sharp suits, you’d be forgiven for dismissing The Jam as a throwback to the Beatles’ mop-top era. However, one listen to Paul Weller’s savage guitar, Bruce Foxton’s thudding bass and Rick Buckler’s frenetic drumming and you’d have been in no doubt that the era of Flower Power was long gone.
Although The Jam became synonymous with the Mod revival movement of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, they were a self-confessed rock ‘n’ roll band. Listen to tracks such as A Town Called Malice and Eton Rifles and you’ll spot the influences of the likes of Pete Townsend, Wilko Johnson, and The Faces in the chopping of a chord or two.
Part of The Jam’s incendiary energy came from their sympathies with their then-teenage fans. Songs such as Going Underground and ‘A’ Bomb in Wardour Street perfectly captured the fears and frustrations of the Cold War generation.
However, as a perfect rock band, The Jam were destined to tread an all-too-familiar path. Clashing egos and creative differences saw the band split up, leaving Beat Surrender as their swansong.
Weller went on to form The Style Council, before settling into his Modfather incarnation as a solo artist. Foxton and Buckler continue to tour their original works, under the moniker From the Jam.