The Prodigy Posters and Prints

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While the likes of Oasis and Blur were slugging it out over Britpop, The Prodigy were busy dancing to their own beats. Founded by Liam Howlett and fronted by the late Keith Flint, The Prodigy brought a punk attitude to their incendiary fusion of rave, electronic and dance music, shaking up the ‘90s music scene.
While The Prodigy’s music tends to be pigeonholed as dance or rave, take a listenand you’ll hear samples from almost every genre, looped and intertwined withfrenetic beats. Their breakthrough track, Firestarter, was an overnight success.Sporting a double-Mohican, Keith Flint snapped and snarled against a nightmarishsoundcape sof electronica.
The controversially-named, Smack My Bitch Up laced funk-infused basslines withold-school hip-hop flourishes and driving drums. As ever, Keith Flint launched intothe chanting lyrics, with characteristic ferocity. Despite Flint’s passing in 2019, the band is still recording.