The Rolling Stones Posters & Prints

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While The Beatles were busy laying down the groundwork for pop music, The Rolling Stones set about bringing blues to the masses and re-inventing rock ‘n’ roll. Founded by Brian Jones, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, the original line-up also comprised of Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts.
In their five decades as a rock band, The Stones are surrounded by their ownlegends. Murder, infidelities, drugs and riots are as much a part of the band’stapestry as their music. After the mysterious death of Jones, the helm was taken by Jagger and Richards, who proved themselves to be prolific and proficient songwriters.
With an enormous canon of songs up their satanic sleeves, The Stones have plenty to play live. From the clanging menace of Jumpin’ Jack Flash and the apocalyptic rumble of Gimme Shelter, to newer tracks, like Love Is Strong and Slipping Away, the band have dipped their toes into almost every musical genre. However, when push comes to shove, blues and country-rock are their home turf.
Jagger and Richards have always commanded the spotlight, Mick for his preening, priapic performances and amorous antics, and Keith for setting the template for every wannabe-rock-star to come.
‘The World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band’ is a boast made by many, but The Stones wear it like a second skin. Browse our huge collection of Stones memorabilia, posters and prints.