The Sisters of Mercy Posters

According to legend, The Sisters of Mercy were founded in 1980 by Andrew Eldritch and Gary Marx, out of a desire to hear themselves on the radio. They emerged into the goth scene and are hailed as the band that brought that genre of music to the masses.
The band played its first gig in 1981 and built up a solid following in their nativeYorkshire. While there were plenty of subsequent changes to the line-up, the most significant is Eldritch ditching the drumsticks and becoming lead singer. Drumming duties were handed over to a drum-machine, known as Doktor Avalanche, which added a further dimension to the band’s sound.
In addition to influencing goth-rock, the band also had a marked impact on gothfashion. Resplendent in black clothes, black sunglasses and with dyed-black hair,The Sisters of Mercy added to their image by playing through an eerie fog of dry ice.