The Verve Posters

They’ve had songs written about them, been embroiled in a legal battle with The Rolling Stones and supported by ‘90s giants, Oasis. The Verve might have been one of Britpop’s underdogs, but they were also one of the most successful and influential bands of the decade.
Fronted by the angular and enigmatic Richard Ashcroft, The Verve formed in Wigan in 1989. Their first album, Northern Soul was a straightforward ‘90s rock record, with singles This Is Music and On Your Own making into the UK Top 40.
However, it was the next album, Urban Hymns, which saw the band leaping into the spotlight. It was the single Bittersweet Symphony that was their secret weapon. Featuring a sample of The Rolling Stones’, The Last Time, and lead by Ashcroft’s yearning vocals, it became an anthem for the ‘90s, regardless of the legal hot water it would land them in. We have an extensive collection of posters and pictures of The Verve for you to browse.