The Yardbirds Prints

While The Yardbirds will always be famous as the springboard for Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton, the band deserves even more adulation for pioneering blues-based rock and psychedelia. Virtually every group that formed in the ‘70s owed a debt to The Yardbirds, who played with song structures and gave rise to the 1970s staple, the meandering guitar solo.
However, in their early days this worked against them, as records seem unable tocapture the band’s rock ‘n’ roll presence in just three minutes. It wasn’t until For Your Love’ that they achieved any commercial success. Semi-psychedelic and without their trademark blues riffs, it marked a huge change for the band – one that saw Clapton go out of one door and Page come in the next.
In their final years, the band returned to their blues roots, as a lasting reminder of their ferocious force as rock musicians. See where modern rock and blues all began with our exclusive collection of Yardbirds posters and pictures.