Thin Lizzy Posters

Fronted by the gypsy-prince, Phil Lynott, Thin Lizzy remains one of the few bandsthat deserve to be described as ground-breaking. Formed in Dublin in 1969, theytook blues, funk, folk and soul and welded them together to create a colossal rock hybrid.
Thin Lizzy’s breakthrough album, Jailbreak, thrust them firmly into the spotlight.From play clubs and support slots, the band was suddenly a headline act, packing-out first division venues.
If Jailbreak was their breakthrough album, then The Boys Are Back In Town wastheir breakthrough song. Using a twin-guitar sound that had been developing ofprevious albums, combined with Lynott’s pub-swagger lyrics and bouncing basslines, the song became a worldwide hit.
The band split up in 1983 as a result of tensions between its members. Three years later, Lynott was to succumb to his addictions and pass away aged 36. Ourcollection of pictures and posters capture Lynott and the band in their prime.