Two Door Cinema Club Posters

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Bonding over a mutual love of Biffy Clyro, Two Door Cinema Club was formed in 2007 by Alex Trimble, Kevin Baird and Sam Halliday. Although they started out as an emo-rock band, their pop sensibilities led them towards a more melodic andaccessible sound.
Beginning with the release of two songs on their Myspace page, the band was quickly signed by Kitsuné Records and released their first single, Something Good Can Work. Their subsequent album, Tourist History, was released to critical acclaim and championed by Radio 1’s Steve Lamacq.
The follow-up, Beacon, surfed similar waters. Combining electro-pop melodies with angsty nuances, songs such as Next Year are as introspective as they are catchy. On the flipside, Wake Up is infectiously upbeat and a reminder that Two Door Cinema Club have their feet firmly rooted in pop.