Vampire Weekend Posters

Under its initial incarnation as L’Homme Run, Vampire weekend started out as a rap duo, formed by Chris Tomson and Ezra Koenig. Joined by Rostam Batmanglij and Chris Baio, the four found a common interest in world music and alt-rock. This musical melting-pot was what would give the band its own sound.
Their first album, Vampire Weekend, was entirely self-produced, and featured the runaway single, Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa, fusing indie rock with a genre of music from the Congo.
In 2013, Vampire Weekend released Contra, which saw them taking a different direction. Embracing pop music alongside blues, jazz and alt-rock, songs such as Diane Young and Ya Hey took on a darker, more melancholy aspect.
Vampire Weekend are a Marmite outfit; you either love them or hate them. For those in the know, our collection of prints features some superb images of these exciting artists.