Velvet Revolver Posters

Velvet Revolver came roaring from the ruins of Stone Temple Pilots, Guns N Roses and Wasted Youth. A bona fide supergroup, they rocked louder and harder than their counterparts, in spite or because of the tensions that dogged them.
The first single, Slither, let everyone know what they were all about in fairly shortorder. With Slash’s searing guitar solos set against Scott Weiland’s sandpapervocals and a staccato engine-room of drums, bass and rhythm guitar, the bandsounded more incendiary than many thought they had a right to.
Contraband is almost a celebration of the members’ respective pasts with songs veering between GNR and STP with unfettered fury. By the time the follow-up album, Libertad, was released, the band had found its collective identity. While not as fast-and-furious as Slither, Libertad is packed with blistering rockers, such as Let It Roll and Get Out The Door. Their dominance on stage is captured in the collection of pictures and posters we have on offer.