Warpaint Posters

With influences from hip-hop to goth-rock up their collective sleeve, Warpaint is a band that’s almost impossible to pigeonhole. While the four-piece has been described by the press as ‘emo witches’, this doesn’t manage to umbrella the multiple genres that the band draws on.
A mix of sultry, sensual songs combined with a staunch and uncompromising feminist edge, tracks such as Brain combine spectral vocals with a ghostly melody and bags of atmospheric distortion. However, listen to Elephants and you could be listening to the hybrid child of Bjork and The Cure.
Famously prickly, Warpaint are equally outspoken. Their criticism of artists such as Rihanna and Beyoncé might have landed them in hot water, but they always seem to stick to their guns.
Their personal schedules mean that singles and albums are sparse, but each newrelease sees the band push the envelope a little further.