Weezer Posters

Formed in 1992, Weezer’s sound has been described as everything from ‘geek-rock’, to ‘nerd-metal’. However, you choose to look at them, Weezer makes music for outsiders. Defiantly upbeat and unashamedly melancholy, they perfectly capture the highs and lows of those who haven’t quite found their place in society.
Always eclectic, Weezer have had their collective hand in multiple genres. Buddy Holly saw them tip the hat to ‘50s rock ‘n’ roll with pop-punk aesthetics reminiscent of The Ramones. Pinkerton saw them dabbling in Stooges-influenced grunge, while Keep Fishin’ has all the bounce of a classic pop song – and earned them an appearance on The Muppet Show.
Never afraid to mix things up, the band released a cover of Toto’s Africa in 2018, in response to a deluge of requests from their fans. Gloriously geeky, Weezer hascreated music for people that previously had none to call ‘their own’.