Wolf Alice Posters

Drawing comparisons to everyone from Hole to Smashing Pumpkins, Wolf Alice are very hard to pigeonhole. While some songs lean towards folk, others lean towards grunge, dance music or indie-rock, making Wolf Alice one of the most fluid bands of recent years.
The embryonic band comprised of Ellie Rowsell, Joff Oddie and two acoustic guitars. Their folksy sensibilities were given a rock fillip when bassist Theo Ellis and Joel Amey joined the duo.
The first single, Fluffy, is anything but that. Mean, moody and with ‘90s-grunge-style guitar work, you can hear all their influences at work at once. The follow-up, Bros, might be the same band, but it doesn’t sound like it. Veering through pop, rock and Cocteau-Twins-style melodies, it’s simultaneously catchy and introspective.
Wolf Alice remains one of music’s most exciting bands, with no such thing as anentry-level song. Whichever you listen to, there’s always another direction to follow.