ZZ Top Posters

ZZ Top began their career in 1969, with their own brand of sleazy blues. While those around them were busy exploring psychedelia, Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard kept things simple. However, fast-forward to the 1980s and the band reinvented themselves, embracing technology to create their unique ‘cyber-blues’ sound. Full of chug, boogie and old-school licks, ZZ Top was ready to take the world by storm.  
While early albums, such as ZZ Top’s First Album and Tres Hombres established the band as a pedal-to-the-metal blues ‘n’ groove outfit in America, it was Eliminator that sent them into the stratosphere. This album, along with Afterburner, saw the band experimenting with synthesisers, saxophones and electronics and upgrading their sound.
The singles, Legs, Sharp Dressed Man and Gimme All Your Lovin’ gave ZZ Top thesound that was to become their trademark and became floor-filling favourites, across the world. In their latest incarnation, the band have returned to their roots and there are rumours of a 16th album.
The ‘80s also saw the dawn of MTV and music videos. The band quickly realisedthat image was to become as important as the music and grew long, shaggy beards and took to wearing their signature sunglasses. ZZ Top’s videos became as popular as their songs, helping to propel them up the charts. See exactly what we mean about a signature look with our collection of ZZ Top pictures and posters.