Album Covers

The album cover is an under-appreciated art form. Designed to capture the attention, sell records and provide hints as to the identity and personality of the performers, the album cover is symbolic of a period in time in which the full-length album was all-important. Beginning with the first mass-produced records and ending with the move to digital, this period lasted the best part of 70 years, during which record covers were considered significant artworks and a great deal of money, skill and time were devoted to their design.

All of our Brian Griffin album covers are offered as a limited edition of 200 prints and can be mounted and framed in hand-crafted wooden frames for a premium finish. Whether you’re looking for iconic 1980s album covers, searching for limited edition album cover prints and posters, or want to buy a loved one a personalised present by picking out their favourite album artwork, our Album Covers Collection is the perfect place to start.

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